Burke Centre Pool Membership Registration 2022
Step-by-Step Guide

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New members: Pool Registration Process:


Renewals: Pool Registration Process:


How to Purchase Guest Passes:


Setting up your Personal Identification Number (PIN):



 What Do I Need to Present to Lifeguards to Enter the Pool After Purchasing My Membership?

Nothing! To enter the pool, simply provide your name or phone number to the lifeguard at the pool check-in desk. He/she will check your photo, make sure that you have been validated and then check you in. Each member must have a valid membership in order to gain access to the pool. If you created a PIN for your account, you will be prompted to enter your PIN before finishing the check-in process. *There may be instances where the lifeguards may request to see your valid account from your phone or a purchase confirmation email due to internet outages in the area, but cases like these will be rare*