Architectural Review Board
Making Exterior Home Improvements:
Please check with the Architectural Review Board (ARB)

Homeowners living in planned communities with enforced architectural standards typically enjoy better property values.  Burke Centre’s architectural standards are maintained and enforced by an all-volunteer Architectural Review Board (ARB), assisted by Conservancy staff employees dedicated to this function.

The ARB assists owners who are interested in making exterior changes/improvements to their property with the ARB Application process.  An ARB application is required for most exterior changes or home improvement projects to the property, however, there are some instances where an application may not be required.  It is advisable to always check the ARB Standards for clarification or seek assistance from the Conservancy staff before making any exterior home improvements/modifications to a property.

Two representatives from each of the five Burke Centre neighborhoods (two at-large member are also authorized) are needed to most effectively accomplish the ARB’s functions.

What do ARB Board members do? ARB members make decisions on homeowner applications for exterior modifications, and recommend to the Board of Trustees properties with ongoing/unresolved standards violations to be considered for monetary charges and/or legal action. 

Primary Duties. The ARB is required to review, modify, and approve or disapprove written applications submitted by owners for exterior architectural changes. Applications are reviewed for conformance with the criteria and goals set forth in the Covenants of the Burke Centre Conservancy’s Architectural Standards.
The ARB typically conducts two meetings per month – a Tuesday routine items application meeting and a Thursday regular applications meeting. These meetings typically fall on the third week of the month.  Enforcement compliance issues (standards violations) of the Covenants and Architectural Guidelines are also reviewed during the regular applications meeting.

ARB applications are hand-delivered regularly by the Conservancy staff to ARB members for review prior to the monthly meetings. ARB members may choose to visit some or all of the properties where changes are being sought, to help them in their review for standards compliance. Once the member reviews an application, it is returned to the staff with a recommendation for either: 1) a recommendation for approval as a routine item, or 2) forwarding to the full ARB for a more comprehensive review and consideration. 

ARB members are appointed for two-year terms. If you are interested in joining the ARB, and would like more information please contact the Conservancy office, (703) 978-2928, or via e-mail at: [email protected].

 ARB Routine Items 
 ARB Monthly Meeting Agenda