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Burke Centre Open Space

When residents purchase property in Burke Centre, one of many factors in their decision is the open space amenities available within the community.  These common areas are for the use of the entire community and include the paths, forests, ponds, tot lots, sports and recreational areas, community centers, office grounds and garden plots.
(Photo above courtesy: Burke Centre Resident Kathryn Mihalic)

Burke Centre open space includes:
  • 1700 acres, over 30 miles of paths
  • 6 ponds and one lake
  • Baseball Field
The common areas and facilities are defined as those grounds deeded to the Conservancy and include all ponds, improvements, and structures within those grounds. Open space is a valuable asset to the community and must be protected and maintained for the safe use of residents and guests.

The Board of Trustees established an Open Space Committee to analyze these amenities and propose recommendations for Open Space revitalization and preservation, while maintaining Burke Centre's harmony with nature.

Burke Centre Conservancy Open Space Committee's
Prioritized Task List & Mission Statement

To develop a strategy for protecting and maintaining Burke Centre’s Open Space, a valuable asset to the community, for the safe use of residents, while preserving Burke Centre’s harmony with nature.

Sequential Priorities:

1.  Review past and present policies/procedures and update the Guide to Open Space and the Open Space ARB form.

2. Tree survey, inventory and management support. Develop grant proposals for tree replacement.

3.  Support healthy ponds and streams: assessment and review.  Develop grant proposals for erosion control projects with [BCC] Staff and Fairfax County.

4.  Assess misuse of and/or encroachment on Open Space/access, degraded areas and erosion issues and offer recommendations for correction to Clusters, Staff and the Board of Trustees.

5. Nature trail management.

6. Provide Safety Issue recommendations to the BCC Staff, BOT and Clusters.

7. Support development of special projects (i.e., invasive species and vine management) including “Adopt an Area” Projects and Earth Day celebrations.

8.Assist in coordination of volunteer/Cluster efforts/opportunities.

9.Promote planting of native Virginia plants, shrubs and trees.

Ongoing Activities:

1. Provide recommendations on Open Space matters to the Board of Trustees. 

2. Resident/Cluster survey support for issues concerning the Open Space.

3. Provide resident education, committee progress updates, Conservator articles.

4. Support Community activities (i.e., Burke Centre Festival).

5. Offer budget recommendations to support Cluster and Conservancy projects.

6. Pursue grants and fundraising efforts for the Open Space.

7. Litter Cleanup Project Orientation/Earth Day Cleanup.

RELEASED Summer 2019 -- TREE BASICS HANDBOOK! Please click here to access this useful Fairfax County tool!(

Possible Curb/Storm Sewer Damage

There is a possibility that the some of the curbs and storm sewers on the VDOT streets within the Conservancy were damaged by VDOT snow plowing operations. 

Homeowners knowing of such damage should email the Facilities and Resources Dept. at [email protected]

Your email message should include your name, address, what was damaged (i.e., curb, gutter, or storm sewer, etc.) and the location of damaged property (i.e., in front of home, on right side of house, etc.).  

Please let us know if you have already contacted VDOT on your issue and if so, what work order number was given to you. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

--A Message from the Burke Centre Conservancy Open Space Committee


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