Moving In/Out
Congratulations on your move into this beautiful planned community!

Dear New Homeowner/Resident,           

We are pleased to welcome you to Burke Centre, a planned residential community (PRC). As a member of this community, you are eligible to enjoy the many benefits and variety of services discussed throughout this web site. Our on-site staff is available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have while making the transition into your new neighborhood and Homeowners Association (HOA) a pleasant experience. 

Fairfax County also provides many services to our community. For more information about county services, contact General Information at (703) 324-3185 or visit their Neighborhoods page.

The Burke Centre Welcome Committee has designed a welcome packet for your use after you've moved in to the community. Please stop by the Conservancy office to pick one up at your convenience. The packet provides newcomers with a streamlined description of the basics, as well as some extras to help you feel welcomed to Burke Centre.

Even if you have been here a while, or if you are a new owner or renter to the community and did not already receive a welcome packet, please let us know as there may be some small gifts from various local businesses awaiting you (while supplies last). Send email to: [email protected].

Please contact the Burke Centre Conservancy office at 703-978-2928 if you have any questions. Office hours are Monday-Friday, 9 AM-5 PM; Saturdays, 9 AM-Noon.

The Burke Centre Conservancy


About the Virginia Property Owners Association Act (POAA)

When considering the purchase of a home within a Homeowners Association (HOA), buyers need to know if the home is in compliance with current HOA rules, how much their HOA assessments will be, and any other pertinent information related to the purchase which could impact them after settlement. Sellers also need to feel confident that potential buyers understand the exterior and financial responsibilities that are required as part of home ownership within a HOA to help ensure the settlement process goes smoothly.

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, the Virginia Property Owners Association Act (POAA) requires that sellers disclose
the existence of a mandatory property owners' association (also known as "HOA"), and the potential buyer must be provided with a Resale Certificate explaining the HOA's Covenants and Restrictions, Rules & Regulations, Budget and Insurance statements, and Financial and Architectural certificates. Home buyers, by law, are given up to 3 days to review these disclosure documents prior to settlement. Please check with your real estate agent for details.

The sale of a property is dependent on the purchaser's receipt and review of the Resale Certificate documents. Sellers are responsible for ordering a Resale Certificate from the Conservancy office. Sellers are also advised to seek Architectural Review Board (ARB) approval (or already have it) for any existing exterior alterations, or restore the property to its original state prior to settlement. 

Important note: The new homeowner will be responsible for all maintenance violations that are reported after the legal transfer of the property. The fact that a "pre-existing" feature on the home was not noted as a violation in the architectural inspection result does not relieve the new homeowner of the responsibility to correct it when it is subsequently reported.

Please allow up to 14 days for Resale Certificate orders to be processed. Please order Resale Certificates early so that you have them in adequate time for the potential buyer's review and acceptance.

Resale Certificates are available for sellers to purchase from the Burke Centre Conservancy office, located at 6060 Burke Centre Parkway, Burke, Virginia 22015-3702. A RESALE CERTIFICATE ORDER FORM is linked below (submit to [email protected]). Costs are as follows:

$141.00 for inspection of the unit as required to prepare the resale certificate. Either:

 a.           $211.00 for preparation and delivery of the resale certificate in paper form (for no more than two copies); or

 b.           $176.00 total for preparation and delivery of the resale certificate in electronic form.

$70.00 for an additional fee to expedite the inspection, preparation, and delivery of the resale certificate (if completed within five business days of the request)--but only if the preparer agrees to do so (optional at request of seller/agent).

$35.00 for an additional hard copy of the resale certificate(optional at request of seller/agent

Actual cost for third-party commercial delivery service to hand-deliver or overnight the resale certificate (optional at request of seller/agent).

$70.00 post-closing fee charged to the purchaser to update ownership records of the Conservancy.

$70.00 for pre-settlement updates to the resale certificate.

$141.00 for additional inspection of the unit (optional at request of purchaser/agent).

* Condominium and co-op owners may be obligated to purchase another separate Resale Certificate from their condo/co-op association. Please check with your management office/company.


 Welcome New Residents!