Tennis Court Rules (updates approved 3/2022)

Rules regarding use of the Burke Centre tennis and pickleball courts have been designed to ensure consideration, courtesy and concern for all players, courts, and court equipment.


A.   Key Holders:  A key is required to open the gates to the courts. Only Burke Centre Residents may purchase keys from the Burke Centre Conservancy. At least one Key Holder must always be present when players are on the court.  It is the responsibility of all Key Holders to ensure that court access doors are locked after entering and exiting the courts.


 B.   Guests: Burke Centre tennis/pickleball Key Holders may extend the use of the courts to guests (Burke Centre Residents without keys and non-Burke Centre residents); however, a Key Holder must be present on the court when their guests are playing tennis/pickleball.      

C.   Children: Adults are responsible for the conduct of their children.

D.   Time Limit:
 Players using unreserved courts while others are waiting are limited to one-and-one-half hours for singles play, and two hours for doubles play. The next player(s) waiting will be determined by their respective time of arrival at the unreserved courts.


E.   Attire: Residents and their guests should wear appropriate tennis and pickleball (athletic) attire and must wear non-marking, non-protruding tennis/pickleball shoes.    


F.   Decorum: Non-players must always stay clear of courts where games are being played. Loud talking or shouting, hitting balls against the fence, or any other practices that can be considered annoying to players are prohibited. No pets, food or alcoholic beverages or glass containers are allowed on the courts at any time.

G.   Court Cleanliness: Brooms and squeegees are available and stored in the court area. These items should be kept in the area where they are normally stored when not in use. Trash receptacles are located next to the court entrances and mounted on the net posts of many of the courts. All unwanted containers should be deposited into these receptacles.


H.  Reservations: While most of the courts will be available only on a first come, first served basis, a specific number of courts are available for advance reservation. The system for making reservations and its use are described in a separate section.

I. Enforcement: Violations of the rules should be reported to the Burke Centre Conservancy by contacting the Community Services Department Office: (703) 978-2928 or after hours: (866)-878-2430; e-mail: administration@ Violations of the tennis and pickleball court rules and policies may result in the denial of access privileges to the Courts and other Burke Centre facilities by the Burke Centre Conservancy.

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