Snow Plowing

Within the boundaries of Burke Centre, different organizations handle the plowing and sanding treatment of roads. Please use the neighborhood street listings below to determine the organization that has the responsibility for plowing and sanding the street(s) affecting you. Please CLICK HERE to inquire about a street not shown on on any listings provided.

Please note that for Burke Centre Conservancy-maintained streets, snow plowing operations normally do not begin until AT LEAST TWO (2) INCHES of snow has fallen. When the Conservancy crews plow snow, an access lane into and out of the street is provided only. The Conservancy is responsible for plowing and sanding private streets, including townhouse cluster parking areas.

 Snow Plowing & Community in Harmony
  • Shovel your driveway AFTER a plow has come through, if possible. If you must shovel before a plow has come, always shovel to the right, facing the street.  This way, less snow will be pushed back into your driveway by plows.

  • When snow is forecasted, don't park on your street or at the end of cul-de-sacs. If possible, park in your driveway to give plows room to work. If you must park in the street, park as close to the curb as possible.

  • If you're out on the highway, keep a safe distance (two car lengths for every 10 MPH you're traveling) between you and the snow plow to protect your car from chemicals and abrasives.

  • If you're in front of a plow, don't break suddenly. A heavy plow cannot stop quickly.
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 Other Associations in Burke Centre responsible for snow plowing 
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