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     Held May 7, 2019, 7:30 PM, at the Woods Community Center

TRASH: The Board is continuing to work on a strategy to restore service to
the community and has asked staff to obtain some additional information for
its consideration prior to making any final decisions.  Any new information will
be relayed to the membership as soon as possible as this situation develops.
 In the meantime, please continue to follow the ADS schedule that has been
published on this site
, in the BC BUZZ, and on the Conservancy FB page since
May 3, 2019. Updates will be provided as soon as new information becomes
available. Thank you!

PROPOSED FIRELANES: The Board directed the staff to pursue a postpone-
ment of our appeal in an effort to explore additional options with the fire Marshall’s
office. Members will be contacted with updates as they become available.

Most Recent Announcements

Possible Curb/Storm Sewer Damage
Possible Curb/Storm Sewer Damage
There is a possibility that the some of the curbs and storm sewers on the VDOT streets within the Conservancy were damaged by VDOT snow plowing... [more]