Classes -- Barre Unbound: Barre Strength
Barre Unbound: Barre Strength

The Barre Unbound Method is a low impact total body workout that combines strength training with traditional ballet barre movements. Through fun transitions and upbeat music, you’ll challenge yourself and gain a stronger awareness of your body. Each class is designed to push you harder, build you up, and show you how limitless, and ever growing your inner and outer strength truly are. There are no barriers to what you can achieve with strong will and drive. Remember, you are capable of great things! 
Classes started Tuesday, September 6th: 

• No experience required. Come as you are and be ready to challenge your body and mind!

• No equipment is needed for class, but you are welcome to bring any bands or weights to intensify the movement.
• Grip socks or supportive sneakers are recommended.

To register please contact instructor, Briana Milton, email: [email protected] or call/text at: (301) 520-8682. Feel free to also visit the Barre Unbound site at:

WHEN: Tuesday/Thursday LOCATION: Commons CC TIME: 5:30-6:30 PM    FEE: $15