Stormwater Management/Storm Drain Safety
Stormwater Management & Storm Drain/Pond Safety

There are many storm water management basins or ponds, and other drainage structures and channels located throughout the property in the Burke Centre Conservancy.  While not all of these areas are designed to hold water on a continual basis, even these dry ponds and basins can pose a risk of harm, especially to children, when certain conditions are present.

Parents and others are asked to remind children to be cautious around all storm water management ponds and facilities, and children should be instructed not to go in the water. Many of these areas are subject to dramatic and rapid changes during flood events and these areas can create hazardous conditions including sudden drop-offs, subsurface currents and the risk of entanglement due to vegetation or debris within the pond or facility.

Parents are reminded not allow their children to play in or around any storm water management pond or facility, especially after any heavy rainfall or when drainage areas are holding water. When these drainage areas contain water, they are often muddy and may appear shallow. However, these areas often have the capacity to hold water deep enough to present a drowning risk to anyone that may enter the area.

If you notice a drainage area that appears to be clogged, flooded or holding water for an inordinate amount of time, contact the County's Storm Water Management Division at (703) 934-2800, and the Conservancy office at (703) 978-2928.

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