Insurance Information for Functions with Alcohol Service

Q: When Serving Alcohol at a Burke Centre Community Center function I am hosting, what type of insurance do I need to provide? 

A: When choosing to serve alcohol at an event you are hosting at one of the Community Centers, you must show proof of a Host Liquor Liability Insurance Policy in the amount of $1,000,000 in coverage naming Burke Centre Conservancy as an “additional insured”.

Q: What is Host Liquor Liability?

A: Host Liquor Liability is the coverage for event holders who may be responsible for the service of alcohol. The liability transfers from the drinker to the host when the drinker shows signs of intoxication and then is served, or allowed to serve themselves more alcohol. If someone has one drink and causes damage to themselves or others on the way home, it is that person’s personal responsibility.

Q: I have been asked by my venue to add them as an “additional insured”. What does that mean?

A: An “additional insured” is an entity that has an insurable interest on claims arising out of your negligence as the named insured. Common additional insureds are the owner, landlord, manger or the tenant of a venue. By providing an additional insured status, they are now entitled to defense and indemnity.

Recommendations for obtaining Host Liquor Liability Insurance Certificate
Your own Insurance carrier 

Please contact Brittani in Community Services-Activities if you have additional questions.
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