Board of Trustees

Please do not contact members of the Board of Trustees for financial data needed for property settlements.
The appropriate contact is Randi Ahmed in the Finance Department. Email [email protected]


Marc Flaster, Board President & Commons Trustee ([email protected])

Denis Gulakowski, Board Vice President & Landings Trustee ([email protected])

Lee Schmidt, Board Secretary & Ponds Trustee ([email protected])

Marci Lawson, Board Treasurer & Trustee At-Large ([email protected])

Gary Schnurrpusch, Trustee At-Large ([email protected])

Steve Shapiro, Oaks Trustee ([email protected])

Brenda Trask, Woods Trustee ([email protected])

Board / Committee

Appeals Board
The Appeals Board is comprised of five members appointed by the Board of Trustees. Appeals Board members are also members of the Conservancy, and one member, when practicable, is an attorney licensed... [more]

Architectural Review Board (ARB)
What do ARB Board members do? Make decisions on homeowner applications for exterior modifications, and recommend to the Board of Trustees properties with ongoing/unresolved standards violations to be... [more]

Budget & Finance Committee (BFC)
The Budget & Finance Committee was established by the Board of Trustees to help oversee the Conservancy's annual budget process, the annual audit, financial statements and records, investments, CDs... [more]

Business Liaison Committee (BLC)
The BLC manages the Burke Centre Business Roundtable, a monthly meeting for local businesses to get together with Conservancy reps to help promote the theme of 'Shop Where You Live', the Burke Centre... [more]

Election Committee
This committee oversees the annual election process for the Burke Centre community to choose its Board of Trustees and Cluster Committees. [more]

Open Space Committee (OSC)

Open Space Committee (OSC)
When residents purchase property in Burke Centre, one of many factors in their decision is the open space amenities available within the community. These common areas are for the use of the entire... [more]

Welcome Committee

Welcome Committee
The Welcome Committee works to help educate and welcome all new residents to this premier community.Getting involved in the Welcome Committee offers residents a fun opportunity to socialize and meet... [more]

Wildlife Committee

Wildlife Committee
The Wildlife Committee was established to educate, advise, and inspire the Burke Centre community to uphold its motto: 'Nature and Community in Harmony.'In addition to community mediation on wildlife... [more]