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Open Space Committee (OSC)

When residents purchase property in Burke Centre, one of many factors in their decision is the open space amenities available within the community. These common areas are for the use of the entire community and include the paths, forests, ponds, tot lots, sports and recreational areas, community centers and garden plots.

The common areas and facilities are defined as those grounds deeded to the Conservancy and include all ponds, improvements, and structures within those grounds. Open space is a valuable asset to the community and must be protected and maintained for the safe use of all residents. A strategy must be developed and updated for long-term utilization and care of these community assets.

The Board of Trustees established an Open Space Committee to analyze these amenities and propose recommendations for Open Space revitalization and preservation, while maintaining Burke Centre's harmony with nature.

Volunteers who are interested in helping with this group may contact the Conservancy office at (703) 978-2928.