For Your Review: Draft Architectural Standards, 2020 Revision

Draft Architectural Standards Review, 2020 Revision

For community review, the Burke Centre Conservancy is pleased to provide the following link to the draft Architectural Standards for the 2020 revision below:

Proposed Revisions Summary

During the period January – July 2019, the Architectural Review Board (ARB) conducted a comprehensive review of the Burke Centre Conservancy Architectural Standards, previously updated and revised in 2015. The ARB’s approach for this review was focused by three specific objectives - clarify existing standards to enhance clarity and minimize ambiguity and inconsistency, modify and update existing standards to account for the availability of new materials and styles, and add new standards to address the availability of new items and products.  The ARB’s review included consideration of research done by ARB members; written input submitted by Burke Centre Conservancy members, the Oaks Neighborhood and the Open Space Committee; and comments provided by Conservancy members, who attended one or more of the ARB’s standard review working sessions. The review process resulted in a number of proposed administrative and substantive revisions.

The proposed revisions to the Burke Centre ConservancyArchitectural Standards are summarized below.

1. Administrative Revisions (Proposed) Summary:

·         Clarifies and simplifies text and language throughout the document to ensure clarity and consistency, eliminate ambiguity, etc.

·         Adds, were appropriate, specific information to be included as part of an Application submitted for specific modifications

·         Adds “condominium” to the description of multiple dwelling units (throughout document) to account for the condominium clusters within
 Burke Centre that fall under the provisions of the Conservancy’s architectural standards and architectural review process and procedures

·         Adds sections to document the authority and basis for the Architectural Review Process

o   Section I, A.3 Burke Centre Conservancy Covenants Provisions - provides the basis and conditions for architectural review

o   Section I, A.4. Publication Purpose - provides the specific purposes of the Burke Centre Conservancy Architectural Standards

·         Modifies existing standards, where appropriate, to account for new type materials, styles, technology, colors, etc. and to ensure clarity

·         Revises Section II, C. General Criteria, C.4. Scale and C.5. Workmanship, to include lot size and configuration, and work quality,

·         Disaggregates the following standards and establishes a separate standard for each item:

o   Arbors, Pergolas and Gazebos

o   Awnings and Canopies

·         Windows: Storm – Deleted standard

·         Prohibited Items – Updated to reflect proposed revisions

·         Glossary (Section III, F.)

o   Deletes ‘Natural Colored Materials’

o   Adds the following terms and definitions

§ Balcony

§ Dog-Eared Picket

§ Dry Creek Bed

§ Flat Top Picket

§ French Drain

§ Invasive species

§ Native species

§ Non-Uniform Townhomes or Condominiums

§ Rain Garden

§ Trim, including associated terms - Apron, Cornice, Door trim, Fascia board, Frieze board, Header, Rake board, Soffit, Window trim

§ Uniform Townhomes or Condominiums

·         Section III, G. Illustrations – Remains under revision to update illustrations contained therein

·         Section IV – The Architectural Review Process

o   Revises Section H.2, Meeting the Responsibilities of the Covenants, to accurately list the duties of the ARB as specified in the Covenants and the By Laws

o   Revises Section IV, I. Key Participants, to accurately and completely describe the functional roles of the key participants in the architectural review process

o   Revises Section IV, J. Architectural Review Process to document and accurately describe the full review and approval/disapproval process, including ARB meetings, approved applications, disapproved application, appeal of ARB decisions and ARB meeting minutes

o   Revises Section IV, N. Enforcement Procedures to accurately describe the procedures used for the enforcement of Conservancy architectural and property maintenance standards

·         Section P. Architectural Review Application and Open Space Addendum- Revised Architectural Review Application to eliminate unnecessary or redundant information

2. Substantive Standards Revisions (Proposed) Summary:

·         Adds new standards

o   Radon Mitigation Systems (Exterior)

o   Stoops

o   Vents

·       Antennas and Satellite Dishes – Adds “Antennas and satellite dishes shall not be mounted on fences, decks, porches, or any other part of the dwelling other than the roof.”

·       Attic Ventilation – Deletes this standard, and incorporates the relevant standard elements into other appropriate standards:

o   Vents – Includes Gable Vents, Dwelling Mounted Vents and Dryer vents and Gas energy system vents

o   Roofing - Incorporates Ridge Vents and Roof Vent Fans

·       Barbecue Grills – changes title to Outdoor Grills and adds information to be included in an Application for an outdoor grill

·       Bird Houses, Baths, Feeders & Bat Houses - adds ‘Insect Houses’

·       Chimneys, Caps, Flues and Vents – Changes to Chimney Caps; deletes Flues and flue standard, and incorporates standards for vents into the Vent standard

·       Compost Containers - Deletes “Compost containers are for yard waste only”; modifies dimensions standard “Exterior dimensions shall not exceed 4’ L x 3’ W x 3’H.”

·       Decks

o   Clarifies stain color standard for Multiple Dwelling Units (Townhome, Condominium, Duplex, Quadruplex)

o   Clarifies stain color standard for single family homes

o   Modifies paint color standard for single family home

o   Clarifies standard for privacy walls or screens attached to a deck with respect to material, design and color

o   Modifies standard for under deck drainage systems to incorporate applicable elements of the drainage system standard

·       Drainage Systems

o   Clarifies information required to be submitted with an Application for a drainage system

o   Modifies standard for authorized drainage systems – Adds rain barrel and the requirement for buried drain pipes to include a water diffusion capability

o   Adds requirement that drainage systems shall not extend beyond the respective property lot line(s)

o   Adds requirement that drainage systems shall include a water diffusion capability

o   Adds standard that drainage system shall not have an adverse effect (erosion, standing water, etc.) on adjacent properties

·         Fences

o   Clarifies fence height maximum for single family homes (4 feet) and townhouses, condominiums, duplexes and quadruplexes (6 feet)

o   Prohibits signs and decorative items on fences

o   Clarifies allowable stain color spectrum for townhome, condominium, and quadruplex fences

o   Clarifies fences for townhouses, condominiums, duplexes and quadruplexes must match in height, material and style, and that fences for both units of a duplex, and all four units of a quadruplex must also match in color

·       Gazebos – Revises standard to include additional materials, to allow exception for side yard location under certain conditions, and to clarify color standard based on gazebo location

·       Handrails – Adds aluminum as authorized material and adds specific colors (black, brown)

·       House Numbers

o   Revises standard for material to include ceramic tiles, ceramic plaques and cast aluminum plaques; includes respective dimension and color standards

o   Clarifies authorized locations for house numbers, including house numbers for multiple dwelling units whose primary entry door faces inward and are not visible from the nearest street, property edge or parking lot

o   Prohibits house numbers on fences

o   Differentiates welcome plaques and/or address plaques that contain significant ornamentation, text other than house numbers, and/or exceed the dimensions standards  - considered as decorative items

·       Kick Plates & Door Knockers – deletes standard, and incorporates elements into Doors, Entry standard

·       Lighting

o   Clarifies that an approved application is required for any new exterior or security lighting, or replacement of exterior or security lighting with a different type, style, material color, etc., or for lighting that does not comply with the standards

o   Adds standards for color (white light) of light emitted from exterior lights, and exterior light bulb brightness maximum specifications (wattage, lumens and/or kelvins)

o   Modifies standard for lighting to illuminate the United States National Flag

o   Revises standard for landscaping lights to include authorized locations, color of light emitted, and consistency in light material, style/design, color and size within a property

o   Adds standard for string lights, including location, type/style,  method of installation, color of light emitted, and light bulb brightness

·       Mailboxes

o   Revised standard to incorporate updated dimensions for USPS-approved rural style mailboxes, including to rural style locking mailboxes

o   Deletes the exception for allowing for mailboxes and posts to be painted Martin Senour, #1071 George Davenport House Green until replacement of the mailbox and/or post, and establishes January 1, 2022 as the date when, absent an approved Cluster Supplemental Architectural Standard specifying otherwise, all mailboxes and mailbox posts within Burke Center must be in compliance with the stated standards that were adopted by the Conservancy in 2004

·       Patios – Adds drainage standard, “….shall not have an adverse effect (erosion, standing water, etc.) on adjacent properties”

·       Roofing

o   Adds standard that roof shingles color shall generally be in the gray, black or brown color spectrum and compatible with the color scheme of the structure for which it is proposed.

o   Clarifies authorized roof shingle material and styles for each dwelling unit type

o   Clarifies procedures for individual dwelling roof shingle replacement Applications for duplexes, uniform design townhomes and condominiums, and quadruplex structures

o   Incorporates standards for ridge vent and roof vent fans

o   Adds standard for stack vents

·       Security Devices, Cameras and Alarms – Modifies existing Security Alarm standard

o   Modifies standard for security cameras to address cameras not mounted under a structure’s eaves.

o   Adds standard for security doorbells – material, location and color

·       Sheds

o   Clarifies information to be included with an Application for a shed

o   Revises standard for shed material to include wood, composite material resembling wood, vinyl, resin, or T-111; prohibits plywood sheathing as exterior surface of a shed

o   Revises standard for Shed Attached to or Proximate to the Dwelling to clarify authorized shed material and color(s), and roof material, design/style and color

o   Revises standard for Free-Standing Shed to clarify authorized shed material, color, clarify maximum shed height (location dependent), clarify shed roof authorized materials and color

o    Revises standard for Shed Integral with Deck to clarify authorized materials and colors

·       Shutters – Clarifies color standard for shutters

·       Siding, Fascia, Trim, Soffits, Gutters and Downspouts

o   Adds downspouts to standard

o   Clarifies material and color standards for each item (siding, fascia, trim, soffits, gutters and downspouts) applicable for each dwelling unit type

o   Clarifies standard for siding repair or partial replacement

o   Revises and updates standards for siding replacement for each dwelling unit type to clarify specific replacement standards

·       Signs

o   Clarifies standard for authorized residential permanent signs

o   Revises non-residential standards to incorporate current Fairfax County sign ordnance provisions and requirements

·       Skylights – Revises to allow consideration of an exception to location standard (side or rear roofs), on a case-by-case basis for dwellings where the architectural design provides limited/insufficient natural light in the front entrance area.

·       Spas and Hot Tubs – Clarifies screening standard for spas and hot tubs

·       Tree Removal

o   Revises to clarify imminent hazard and danger criteria for tree removal prior to receiving an approved Application

o   Revises to clarify information required to be included with an Application to remove a tree(s)

o   Revises non-residential standards to clarify tree removal standards for Cluster and Conservancy properties

·       Walkways and Pathways

o   Modifies standard for materials and includes permeable pavers

o   Clarifies walkway and pathway material color standards

o   Adds standard that walkways and pathways shall not have an adverse drainage impact (erosion, standing water, etc.) on adjacent properties

·       Windows - Adds egress and transom windows to type/style windows for which an exception for window style consistency may be considered/granted

·       Windows: Storm – Deletes the standard

·       Section V, M.3. Storage and Use of Trash and Recycling Containers – Modifies to provide for consideration of an exception for townhome storage of containers based on lot configuration that prevents compliance with the requirement for container storage in the rear or side of the property. Exception requests considered on a case-by-case basis, and based on an Application that complies with the guidelines provided for alternative container(s) location and screening.

--The BurkeCentre Conservancy Architectural Review Board (ARB)