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Our new trash vendor,
PATRIOT DISPOSAL SERVICES, has been selected to take over collection services
for Burke Centre residences that are currently a part of the existing trash contract, effective June 1, 2019.




The new collection schedule for all 5 neighborhoods is as follows, effective June 1, 2019:







*UPDATED 6/21/19 – RE: PATRIOT RECYCLE TOTERS: Please be advised
that Patriot has started to deliver new recycle toters throughout the community.
These toters are larger and taller than what was used previously, and 
therefore, not everyone may want one of these larger toters. All residents may
decline delivery by contacting Patriot at 703-257-7100 to arrange for a pickup.
For those who choose to keep the new toters, they are for recycling only on the
Wednesday pick up day. If you prefer, you may use your own toter/bin for 
putting out recycling on Wednesdays. Thank you for your cooperation during this
transition period.

HERE'S WHAT TO DO with your old ADS Recycling Container:

The Conservancy was recently informed by our former trash company
(“ADS”) that they will be collecting Recycling Toters and Bins that have
‘ADS’ printed on them. 
Only items  marked with ‘ADS’ will be picked up.

If you are in a Ponds, Woods or the Calumet Oaks neighborhood, bins
and toters will be collected on Saturday, June 29th.


If you are in a Commons, Landings or Oaks neighborhood, bins and
toters will be collected on Saturday, July 13th. 


The empty containers should be placed curb side the evening before
collection is scheduled.



*UPDATED* 6/20/19 -- YARD WASTE: The Conservancy Executive Director has

successfully worked out an agreement with Patriot to accept yard waste in plastic
bags since they are still considered acceptable to 
Fairfax County. Please make
sure that yard waste discarded in plastic bags is clearly marked as YARD WASTE
or it will not be picked up. It is preferred that Burke Centre residences put yard
waste out only in biodegradable or paper bags, or, in a receptacle. Note: If Fairfax
County changes its requirements, plastic bags may no longer 
be accepted in the
future for yard waste disposal. The weight must be less than 50 lbs. Thank you
for your 




Burke Centre, a part of Fairfax County, Virginia, is a beautiful, 1700-acre Planned Residential Community (PRC). This award-winning community includes 5,862 homes and is managed by the Burke Centre Conservancy Homeowners Association (HOA). The Conservancy provides a small on-site staff to assist residents with the benefits and services available to all members.

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Congratulations to Burke Centre Resident, Andrew Berrier, on winning the Conservancy's 40th Anniversary Photo Contest! Mr. Berrier's photo is pictured above and entitled, "Screeching Hawk", a great example of beautiful wildlife seen around this community.

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